Friday, June 21, 2019

What are the parameters to choose the right law school

After the recent CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) scores, students seeking admission to law school have been in turmoil. To make a legal career, they will soon have to choose an institution for 5 years of education.

With more students coming to CLAT and LSAT(Law School Admission Test) than ever before, it can be said that the competition for legal education is increasing.

The question is, whether all law school in the same league? Obviously the answer not be positive if a new law college advertisement can be seen daily in the Admissions Season Race.

In this context, at least 6 parameters should be kept in mind so that the right colleges are found.
First comes the location of the school. For a compulsive credit course of internship, you have to participate in the Moot Court, seminar, conference.

Second is the Faculty Profile. The opportunities for intellectual scholarship come from here.

Third place is Infrastructure. Because the role of learning resources in finding legal statistical data is important.

Fourth Point is linked to the breach of strict domestic international barriers in legal education,the law college having academic and exchange tie-ups with global law institutions will give the edge.

Fifthly, work-life balance is important in choosing the right law school. Art and culture festivals, sports complexes etc. will be created for a positive legal professional.

In the end, 'law' is considered as a result of interdisciplinary discourse of art, humanities, science and management. Ideally located in a multidisciplinary university, it has an additional benefits.