Sunday, January 27, 2019

Role Of Competition Commission Of India By Vipin Maurya

The Competition Commission of India(CCI) is play an important role in the market. It sustains a healthy competition in the market and CCI eliminates the activities which have adversely effect the competition. CCI is responsible for sustaining competition in market because if there will be competition in market, it's more beneficial for consumer.
    The CCI was setup under the competition act, 2002 by the central government. CCI is establish for the  implementation of provisions of competition law. The CCI is set up in the place of Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practice ( MRTP ) commission because MRTP act was failed to addressing competition and anti competitive practices that's why MRTP act was repealed and MRTP commission was dissolved. CCI was established in 2003 and started functioning from year 2009. CCI consists with one chairman and six member.
The basic object of the CCI to prevent practice having a adverse effect on competition, to promote and sustain the competition in market, to protect the interest of consumers and to ensure freedom of trade carried by other participants in market. CCI hears cases relating to competition law and play role as competition advocacy.
The Competition commission of India prohibits anti-competitive agreement (section-3), abuse of dominant position (section-4), combination regulation (section-5 & 6), competition advocacy (section-49). For checking whether agreement is anti competitive or not and checking misuse of dominant position is given under section-19 of the competition act, 2002. For checking the combination regulation, it checks under section-20 of the competition act, 2002.
CCI can inquiry and take action by its own motion or filling complaint by traders and consumers and inquiry reference by Central and State government. An appeal, direction, order or decision of CCI lie into the Competition Appellant Tribunal ( CAT ). An appeal against CAT decision shall lie on supreme court within 60 days.